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  • Tailwind design: Incorporates Tailwind CSS for a modern, customizable, and sleek interface. Tailwind provides a utility-first approach for efficient styling and layout design.
  • Fully responsive design: Ensures seamless and optimized user experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, enhancing accessibility and usability.
  • Credential authentication support: Allows users to securely access the platform using their credentials, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Google authentication integration: Enables users to log in conveniently using their Google accounts, streamlining the authentication process and enhancing user experience.
  • Image upload via Cloudinary CDN: Facilitates efficient and reliable image uploading by utilizing Cloudinary Content Delivery Network (CDN) for storage, ensuring scalability and performance.
  • Client-side form validation with react-hook-form: Implements robust and efficient client-side form validation using the react-hook-form library, enhancing data integrity and user input handling.
  • Server error handling using react-toast: Enhances user experience by effectively managing and displaying server-side errors using react-toast notifications, improving user feedback and interaction.
  • Integration of calendars with react-date-range: Utilizes react-date-range to incorporate calendar functionalities, enabling date-related operations and interactions within the application.
  • Management of page loading state: Provides user feedback during loading processes to improve overall user experience by indicating ongoing actions and reducing perceived loading times.
  • Handling of page empty states: Offers guidance and context to users when pages have no content, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive user journey.
  • Booking/reservation system: Implements a robust system to manage property bookings and reservations, facilitating user interaction and property management.
  • Guest reservation cancellation: Allows guests to cancel their reservations, providing flexibility in managing bookings and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Owner reservation cancellation: Provides property owners the capability to cancel reservations, contributing to efficient property management and operations.
  • Creation and deletion of properties: Empowers users to create and delete property listings, offering control and flexibility in managing property-related data.
  • Pricing calculation functionality: Incorporates features to calculate property rental prices based on various parameters, facilitating transparent and accurate pricing for users.
  • Advanced search algorithm implementation: Employs a sophisticated algorithm to enable precise property searches based on categories, date ranges, map locations, number of guests, rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Property filtering based on reservation availability: Filters out properties that have reservations within the specified date range, ensuring users see available options for their desired dates.
  • Favorites system implementation: Enables users to mark and manage favorite properties, enhancing user convenience by providing quick access to preferred listings.
  • Shareable URL filters: Generates shareable URLs that retain applied filters, allowing users to share specific search results easily with others.
  • Management of loading and error handling: Provides smooth user interactions by managing loading states and gracefully handling errors within the application environment.

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