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  • Draw Freely: Express yourself by drawing and annotating directly on web pages.
  • Color Selection: Choose from a palette of colors or use default options to customize your drawings.
  • Object Manipulation: Easily move, resize, and change the color of drawn objects for precise annotations.
  • Adjustable Shapes: Customize the width of circles, rectangles, and lines to suit your annotation needs.
  • Text Annotations: Add and edit text directly onto web pages to highlight key points or provide explanations.
  • Easy Erasing: Use an intuitive eraser tool to remove unwanted drawings and clean up your annotations effortlessly.
  • Quick Deletion: Delete drawings swiftly using a dedicated tool or convenient keyboard shortcuts for efficiency.
  • Image Annotation: Upload images onto web pages and annotate them seamlessly to enhance your visual content.
  • Zoom Functionality: Zoom in, zoom out, and reset to normal size to focus on details or get a broader view of your annotations.
  • Undo and Redo: Enjoy the flexibility of undoing and redoing actions with simple keyboard shortcuts for smooth editing.
  • Download and Copy: Download your annotated web pages or copy them to share with others or keep for your records.
  • Privacy-Focused: Rest assured, we don't collect any of your personal data for privacy and peace of mind.
  • No Special Permissions: Install and use Web Marker without needing any special browser permissions – it's hassle-free!


I developed Web Marker because I needed a simple and effective way to draw directly on websites. Whether it's annotating articles, explaining concepts on web pages, or just expressing ideas while browsing, most other tools don't have the ability to scroll down the page while keeping the drawn content in place. With Web Marker, you can seamlessly scroll through web pages while your annotations stay put, making it easy to mark up content without losing your place. It's the perfect tool for anyone who needs to annotate, highlight, or draw directly on websites. Give it a try and experience the convenience of drawing on websites like never before!

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