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  • Auto-save: Your work is automatically saved as you write. Never worry about losing your progress again.
  • Saved Documents: Access and manage saved documents with ease. Keep your important files organized and readily available.
  • Rename and Delete: Customize document names and remove unwanted files effortlessly. Tailor your workspace to your needs.
  • Privacy Assurance: Your data remains securely stored on your computer. Rest assured that your information is safe and private.
  • Rich Text Editor: Enjoy text color, highlights, backgrounds, and more—like a word processor. Express yourself creatively and effectively.
  • Offline Mode: Access your notes anytime, even without an internet connection. Stay productive wherever you are.


I built LiteCompose because I wanted a simple, secure, and user-friendly tool for note-taking and document management. Existing options felt overly complex or required trusting data to cloud services, which wasn't my preference. LiteCompose is my solution—a tool that prioritizes privacy, easy note-taking, and hassle-free document organization. It's designed to be a trustworthy companion for anyone who values simplicity and security in their writing experience.

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